3rd India Deaf Expo 2012 : A Conference on Innovative Technologies, Sign Language Awareness and Education for the prosperity of the Deaf
December 29 & 30, 2012   9:00 AM to 8:00 PM    Birla Matushri Sabhagar, Marine Lines, Mumbai

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India Deaf Expo 2012 Organised By

Deaf Leaders

Hope you are aware that Deaf Empowerment Activities For Literacy Education Accessible Development Empowerment Rehabilitation & Sports of Deaf Leaders is registered trust and a NGO initiated in March 2003 by our Team with the focused objective of contributing to the betterment and understanding of DEAF people in India. It strives for the integration and main streaming of DEAF persons by creating facilities for the utilization of their skills / abilities, to enable and empower them to lead more meaningful lives as full members of society. The LEADERS also make serious attempts to dispel some of the sterotyped images that the general public has of deaf persons and is a focused advocacy organization emphasizing the rights of deaf persons. Towards this the leaders are imvolved in a wide range of activites from publishing and highter education at university level to employment, Deaf Expo , Miss India , culture, recreation, legislation and human rights. The LEADERS believe that if the opportunities are given at the right time, anything is possible. All it takes is an open mind.

India Deaf Expo 2012 Hosted By

India Deaf Society (IDS)

IDS was founded in 1956 by a handful of Deaf persons, who used to meet regularly on Sunday evenings to discuss various issues. The idea caught up and they decided to rent out a room and form a Society to cater to the needs of the adult deaf. It soon became popular amongst the deaf community and the membership soon increased to 900 people.

The Society decided to take up sports and held 1st Athletics Sports Meet for all the schools of the deaf in Mumbai in 1960, perhaps the first of its kind in India. IDS formed its own Cricket Team and participated in National Cricket Tournaments organized by All India Sports Council of the Deaf to which it was affiliated. It hosted the 4th All India Cricket Championship of the Deaf in 1975 & won the Inter State Shield. It also hosted the 2nd Test Match between Australia XI & India XI at Wankhede Stadium. It was the only recognized body for the sports of the DEAF in Maharashtra.

India Deaf Society has many firsts to its credit, it hosted 1st National Swimming Championship in 1984 at M. G. Swimming Pool, Mumbai and the 1st National Badminton Championship in 1987 in Mumbai. These Championships have produced heroes like Taranath Shenoy, who was honoured with the prestigious Padmashree Award whereas Badminton gave us Rajiv Bagga and Sandip Singh Dhillon who went on a rampage winning Gold Silver & Bronze Medals at Successive Deaflympics. India Deaf Society has quite few talented members, who are sportsmen, who participate in National and International Events and have brought name & fame to the India Deaf Society.

We soon realized that concentrating on sports is not enough. It is necessary to rehabilitate the Deaf in the Society physically, psychocologically and emotionally in order to overcome their deep sense of inferiority complex. It is necessary to educate them, guide them in this callous world.

We therefore started Sunday evening classes to educate them on current News, Political situation and general knowledge. We started job placement services, PRO relationship with their employers, matrimonial guidance and to act as interpreters in police and civil law courts when qualified interpreters were not available as now.

Above all we provided them social company. In no time the Society became popular in the Deaf Community. One of the reasons of our popularity was that after certain age the Deaf Students have to leave school. At home the working parents have no time to spare for them. There is no one to guide them, they cannot mix in the Society because of their speaking handicap, and they feel isolated. We provided them a platform to vent their grievances, a scope for nurturing their talents in Arts, Painting, and Acting & Sports.

We have only one religion: DEAFNESS.

We have only one nationality: DEAFNESS.

Miss Deaf India 2012 Organised By

All India Deaf Arts & Cultural Society (AIDACS)

Short Background will be announced soon.

Miss Deaf India 2012 Hosted By

Bombay Foundation of Deaf Women (BFDW)

The Bombay Foundation of Deaf Women (BFDW) was founded on 4th December, 1983. The foundation has over 450 members. It imparts training to hearing impaired women in art, craft, stitching, embroidery, cooking, education for adult, lectures for women health, life etc. Its members also take part in competitions in different parts of India, write, direct and act in skits and perform folk dances. The members also participate in exhibitions and selling handicraft goods made by them. In this way we strive to encourage, inspire and uplift hearing impaired women through an array of regularly organized activities. We also participate in the “All India Festival of Dance, Mime, Drama for the Deaf” held in different cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Indore, Bhubaneswar, Tata Nagar, Bangalore, etc.

The Policy of BFDW is “Hard Toil and Perspiration” The BFDW started “Self Service Scheme” on policy of “Earn while to Learn” by which it sells products made by the hearing impaired women in exhibitions. The members of BFDW participated in INDUS International, Gandhi Smarak Nidhi and other exhibitions. It also took part in Women’s Half Marathon in March 2012 thereby creating “Hearing Impaired Awareness” amongst the public.

Sunita Thomas is General Secretary of Bombay Foundation of Deaf Women and has been the guiding force behind most of the above activities. She is also the Vice President of Deaf Expo 2012 being organized in Mumbai. The Foundation is grateful to the sponsors and charitable institutions for their help and support.