3rd India Deaf Expo 2012 : A Conference on Innovative Technologies, Sign Language Awareness and Education for the prosperity of the Deaf
December 29 & 30, 2012   9:00 AM to 8:00 PM    Birla Matushri Sabhagar, Marine Lines, Mumbai

Exhibition of Products Made For & By the Deaf

There will be Exhibitions open to all showing variety of International and Indian products ranging from consumer goods to technologies.

We offer two categories of Exhibition - Corporates/Institutes and Deaf Individual Business/Arts.

For the rules, tariffs and stall sizes, please refer to the following sections on this webpage.

Exhibitiors are requested to download the form and send it duly filled to Mr. Dhananjaya Paranjype, Convenor - Exhibition at exhibition@deafexpo2012.org


List of Exhibitors

Corporate Stalls

Sr. Exhibitors Products
1 Gallaudet Univeristy, Washington DC, USA Enrollment and University for the Deaf
2 Indian Sign Language Research and Training Centre (ISLRTC) Sign Language Awareness
3 Ali Yavar Jung National Institute of Hearing Impaired, Govt. of India, Mumbai Information on Services for the Deaf
4 Maharashtra Tourism DC, Govt. of Maharashtra, Mumbai Information on Tourism in Maharashtra

Deaf Organisations

Sr. Exhibitors Exposure
5 National Associationof the Deaf (NAD), New Delhi Deaf Rights and Development
6 Bombay Foundation of Deaf Women (BFDW), Mumbai Deaf Women Rights and Empowerment
7 Universal Sanatana Dharma for the Deaf (USDD), Banglore Spiritual Movies on DVD and Books


Deaf Individual Business

Sr. Exhibitors Products
8 Siddhartha Sulka, Orrisa Fine Arts
9 Jay G. Kansara, Varodara Fine Arts
10 Aditya Bhalerao, Varodara Fine Arts
11 Uma Joshi Pune Jewellery
12 Mrs. Rupali R. Pathak, Pune Creative Objects
13 Radhika Kulkarni, Pune Design Light Lamps
14 Kalpa Savla, Pune Supari
15 Dinesh Sejpal, UK Krushna Associates
16 Sangeeta Gala, Navi Mumbai Social Work for Deaf and Blind
17 Prashant Mudakavi, Belgaum Architecural
18 Jyoti Shrikant Ghongadi, Pune Arts
19 S. Kanangaraj, Mudurai Ability Solutions System
20 Bhavini Modi, Mumbai Arts and Dress-tops


Stall Tariff

There are two types of Exhibition Tariffs (a) Corporates / Institutes, and (b) Deaf Business Individuals / Artists. Every stall will have tables, chairs, lights and electricity. The exhibitor can request for additional furniture at least 2 weeks in advance at Rs.100 per extra chair and Rs.200 per extra table.

For Corporates / Institutes

Stalls located near the entrance. Visitors will have to go through these stalls first to reach the rest of the stalls.

Type Size of stall Tariff Qty. PROVISIONS Download FORM

CO 1

12 x 9 ft



2 Tables + 4 Chairs

CO 2

9 x 9 ft



2 Tables + 3 Chairs


For Deaf Business Individuals / Artists

Stalls located after the Corporates / Institutes stalls. These stalls are specially priced for the Individuals and Artists who are Deaf in order to promote their business and development.

Type Size of stall Tariff Qty. PROVISIONS Download FORM

DF 1

9 x 6 ft



1 Table + 2 Chairs

DF 2

6 x 6 ft



1 Table + 2 Chairs

Exhibition Guidelines

  1. The exhibition timing is from 10am to 8pm on 29th and 30th of December 2012 at the grounds of Birla Matushri Sabhagar.
  2. Exhibitiors are requested to come to the venue with their stuffs at 9:30am to decorate their stalls assigned on that day.
  3. The expenses for travelling and lodging are borne by the Exhibtiors.
  4. You will be assigned a stall of specific sizes on first-booked-first-served basis.
  5. Please note that the above tariff does not include the tickets for the entry and seats in the Auditorium Hall. If you want to see the programme, you are required to register separately.
  6. Exhibitors are requested to bring their own lunch or order a lunch in the Exhibition Form.
  7. India Deaf Expo 2012 is not responsible for any lost or misplaced items.

Stall Booking

  1. Booking is done at 100% advance on first-book-first-served while the stalls are available.
  2. If the stalls are over-booked, you will be put on the waiting list.
  3. The deadline to book the stalls is 30th September 2012.
  4. In case of cancellation before 30th September 2012, we will give 90% refund.
  5. For any cancellations between 1st October 2012 and 31st November 2012, you will get the 50% refund.
  6. You will not get any refunds for cancellations in December 2012.
  7. Stall booking is non-transferrable from one company to other, or from one Deaf Business Individual to other.